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Why Us

Of the 120 man-years (and counting) that we have spent in business, the large bulk has been in entrepreneurial/startup environments. All of which have been spent answering the hardest questions in business. Not theoretically, but in the furnace of practice.

How do you build a brand?

How do you sell when you have no brand?

How do you know that what you make will sell?

How do you attract, train, retain talent?

When you cannot pay par salaries?

How do you establish a culture that reflects your values?

How do you meet customer expectations, deliver what is promised, take your business global, raise money?

How do you design a strategy, a process, a product, a service?

How do you build an institution with all too limited resources?

How do you manage and resolve internal conflict?

Manage performance?

The list is endless. We entered this world armed with nothing but our academic learning and enthusiasm and learned very quickly how inadequately prepared for this entrepreneurial world we were! Now decades later we are better prepared and still learning. The most experienced people recognize that each day, each situation, each challenge is different. Constant adaptation is the only way.

This hard-won experience, now melded and honed into a method, a tested and proven method, is what we bring to the table. And of course, undiminished enthusiasm!