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We help start-ups scale fast.
The Slingshot Way.


What’s in a name? Well, lots.
Now you see why we call ourselves Slingshot. 😉

It's For Them We Exist

"Inside every start-up founder is a human being fueled by passion, possessed by hope and despair, passionate and yet uncertain about the future they are building. We journey along with them through their darkest hours, passing on the wisdom of age and experience, sharing their burdens, partaking of their joys. Their dreams are ours."

G. Shankaran Nair



In a world of titans, we believe in the challengers.

We believe in those who have the incredible courage to set sail to uncharted destinations. The depth of the fortitude it takes to deal with all the adversities of entrepreneurship.

We dedicate ourselves to the little guys all over the world and to their success.

May their tribe thrive and prosper!!

How We Do It

150 human years of experience - distilled and bottled, ready to be consumed.

Backed by a method - the Slingshot Way, multidisciplinary skills, and a deep understanding of building businesses from scratch to scale.




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Meet The Team

We are the Slingers